Sunday, August 31, 2008

My poor baby!

Jack has been sick this weekend. Poor guy was up ALL night Friday night into Saturday. His breathing seemed off and he had a fever, since our Christmas disaster last year, I am neurotic, to say the least, about his breathing. So, off Luke, Jack and I treck to the St. Francis emergency at 4:00 am. For some reason, our kid likes getting sick on weekends, especially holiday weekends. Well, luckily, Jack was just fine, he has an ear infection (I told the kid that he should have nursed longer, alas, he gave it up), thus the temperature and the labored breathing. FYI to all of my Indy friends, at 4am, the St. Francis emergency room is COMPLETELY EMPTY, so next time you have an emergency (or are just being over protective), head down south, they'll get you in in no time!

Poor baby Jack was lethargic all day yesterday. He didn't have the energy to move around, or even pull himself up. He was a little cuddle bug. He got some antibiotics and Motrin (which we think he is allergic or sensitive to, he threw up EVERYTHING right after we gave it to him, twice!). He slept with me last night (Luke had to go to work) and his temp got up to 104,which scared me, but luckily he woke up today and seems to be just fine. He still has a low grade fever, but he is a lot happier and moving around like a champ. THANK GOD!

Besides that, things are going well. School has started and it's going pretty well. It hasn't been too busy yet, but starting this week I have a paper/project due every week, WELCOME TO GRAD SCHOOL! Luke has luckily gotten most days that I have school off. Our friends Dustin and Nichole watched Jack for an hour on Tuesday and he started at his baby sitter's house for the first time on Thursday. It went well! He was happy when I left and when I picked him up. Adrienne is a really nice woman who has a 2 and 4 year old. She said that Jack played nicely with the kids and everything was great. Luckily, Luke has every T&R off in September, so we'll see where we get in October!

Luke had a week of vacation, which was really nice to spend with him. We didn't do too much, mostly stayed home and chilled, which is always nice! Sorry that there isn't more to report.

Obviously, we're getting excited about the upcoming election and I was glued to the convention all last week. Luke, Jack and I are all really looking forward to the upcoming months!

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