Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Party

Check out those blue eyes...and the smurf mouth!
More cake?
Tanya and Mattea, Me and Jack, Andrea and Riley, Karen and Courtney

He pulverized that cake.

Mattea, Jack, Courtney and Riley
Jack, Courtney and Riley
Our family, 1 year later
Colts Cake!
Little prince

Jack had is 1st Birthday Party today! It was so much fun. We had a lot of visitors and had some yummy chocolate cake decorated with the COLTS logo, and vanilla ice cream. 3 of Jack's girlfriends came over, Mattea (Tanya), Courtney(Karen) and Riley (Andrea) (We missed your Noura!). We also had their mommies, Jen, Ryan and Olivia, Lana and Dave, Adri, Janice, Beth, Nichole, Erin (and baby Tripp,due anyday!). He got some great presents and had a good time getting a lot of attention. He looked so cute in his little outfit today with his curly hair. Thanks everyone for spending the day with us, we love you!

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