Friday, April 18, 2008

Last couple of weeks

Playing while Mom folds the laundry!
Posing for the camera outside!
Kissable face!!
I'm standing up!!!
My foot is better than my dinner...
playing outside while mom and dad wash the cars

Bath time!
What I looked like before the previous 2 pictures
I love talking to my dog...

Mom and Jack at the zoo
Jack and Noura and the giraffes
Jack and Noura outside of the zoo, the begining of a love affair...
Whose bone is this???
Bath Time!!

Hi everyone, sorry that I haven't been writing on this lately, I'm not a great blogger....yet..... The last couple weeks have been fun. Luke has been home a fair amount, which we always like. Jack is growing and growing. He has just started fully pulling himself up onto things (sofa, toys, ect), I clap and hoot and hollar for him and he starts smiling and clapping for himself. He is also able to get from laying down to sitting by himself. He is not quite crawling yet, but is getting there. He has a big blue ball that he follows around the house. He can never quite catch it and gets frustrated, but Luke and I think that it is hilarious. He is also learning how to scoot from room to room to find me, which is impressive, he'll be crawling (or walking) around very soon. He is eating like a pro and loves food, he really likes teething toast, but it is really messy.

We have been filling our days with hanging out with friends, playing outside and going to the zoo. Jack loves playdates and we added a new friend, Riley, last Thursday. Jack and I went up and saw her and her mommy in the hospital and Jack thinks that she is pretty cute. Jack has 4 girlfriends and no boy friends, but we just heard that another friend is having a BOY at the end of August, so Jack will be a year older, but that won't matter after he gets out of the newborn stage. Jack, Betsy, Noura and I went to the Indy Zoo on Wednesday, which was really fun. You can definately pick out the new/stay at home moms from the group. We're the ones that are taking pictures of our 7 and 9 month old kids in front of animals and clapping about it. Oh well, its nice to get out. We have also gone down the the Canal downtown to go walking with my friend Beth, its a great place to go and about 3 miles around, so we get some exercise while doing so. Luke went on a golf outing a couple weeks ago with some Chautauqua guys and had fun AND he won the NCAA pool from work and won $100, which is GREAT!!! We were both impressed by his ability to do so well, who would have thought?? We're heading to Nevada for the weekend to visit my family, so we're excited about that and as my mom says, "We're so excited to see Jack!", (no mention of Jacks parents, but I guess thats life now, haha). I am seriously going to try to write on this weekly, maybe every Friday, we'll see if I keep up with it!

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