Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hmm...what's this? A card?

Reading the card from mommy and daddy and opening my present!

Wow! I got 2 books, a cd and a sippy cup!! Tons of Fun!

Jack and Mattea, hanging out! Mattea loved Jack and kept on hugging and kissing him.

Uncle Brent came and visited!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

We hope that everyone has a great Valentines Day with their loved ones. We have had a fun week. Luke hasn't been called to fly this week, so he has been home every night for a week and most days too. Jack and I love having him home, but Luke likes being home too, but also likes working. I went and played BUNCO with my girlfriends last night, which was a ton of fun. We get together once a month to play and hang out. It is starting to become the baby boom there, I have Jack, my friend Karen just had a baby and my friends Andrea and Erin are pregnant too. Lots of playmates for Jack!

I babysat my friend Tanya's daughter Mattea the other day. She just turned 1 and is great, but it sure was a handful with a 1 year old and 6 month old. Luckily Luke was here to help me, so we had a good day.

My big brother, Brent, drove is on his way back to Richmond/Washington DC and stayed with us last night. We had a GREAT time, I love hanging out with him. We haven't gotten to see him much lately, he is working for Barack Obama and it often out on the campaign trail. He hung out with Luke and Jack while I played Bunco, then we were up kind of late talking and hanging out. I love hearing stories from the campaign and knowing what he is up to. Jack loves his uncle Brent too, so it's cute seeing them together.

Luke and I don't have much planned tonight, probably hanging out with Jack and trying to put him to bed at a reasonable time. He actually slept through the night last night, YEA!!!, but slept in our bed, now if we could only get him to do that in HIS bed.....we're working on it.....

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